Waterford Traveller Community Development Project Ltd (WTCDP) is a Traveller-led organisation and was established in 1995. We engage in community development work as a way of achieving social change. Our aim is to create a more sustainable and equal society for Travellers in Waterford City. We are committed to working with all members of the Traveller Community in Waterford City and County.

There are approximately 170 Traveller families in Waterford.

The majority of the Management committee are from the Traveller community.

It is also the only Traveller led project in Waterford.

The main issues that affect Travellers in Waterford are poor and unsuitable accommodation.

Horse ownership is a major part of Traveller culture but is not well supported or encouraged by some statutory agencies.

Impounding of horses is an ongoing issue.

All issues brought forward are addressed where possible by the staff of WTCDP.