Guiding Principles

The principles of Community Development underpin all the actions of Waterford Traveller Community Development Project.

The key principles for the Project are:

Empowerment & Participation

To actively seek to involve Travellers at all levels of the organisation. WTCDP uses affirmative action to empower and enable Travellers to take greater control over the issues affecting their lives.

Challenging Social Exclusion & Structural Inequalities

To recognise the socio-economic position of Travellers in Irish society as a discriminated and marginalised group, and is committed to combating the inequitable power relationships, which create this status quo.

Collective Action for Social Change

To endorse the need for collective action (rather than individualised measures), as an effective response to the challenges faced by Travellers, with a view to create a more inclusive society

Equality & Anti Racism

To promote equality for marginalised communities, not just in terms of equality of opportunity, but also in terms of equality of outcome. WTCDP recognises Travellers as an ethnic minority within Irish society and is committed to confront racism, as well as any other prejudice and discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, skin colour, gender, disability, sexual orientation, age, class, and socio-economic status, religion and marital or family status.


WTCDP is committed to building and sustaining solidarity among Travellers and other groups experiencing social exclusion.