Accommodation Issues

Accommodation is the most urgent issue for the Traveller Community. The All-Ireland Traveller Health Study shows that lack of appropriate accommodation is the biggest contributor to the poor health of Travellers in Ireland.

Poor, inadequate and non Traveller specific accommodation is a major issue facing many Travellers. All WTCDP staff support Travellers when needed and act as advocates and at times contact politicians and councillors regarding these issues.

The main accommodation issues are as follows:

  • Not enough Traveller-specific accommodation to meet the needs of young families.
  • Doubling-up in bays at the Group Housing Schemes, effectively creating new halting sites.
  • Continuous poor standard of accommodation and lack of information regarding a time scale etc of  house refurbishment.
  • Lack of safe play areas for children.
  • Continuous lack of provision made for grazing of horses as valid Traveller accommodation issue.
  • Many Travellers, particularly young families have extreme difficulty accessing privately rented accommodation due to prejudice and reluctant landlords.

Kilbarry site and Bilberry site are just two of the halting sites in Waterford City.

Other accommodation work has been accompanying and supporting individuals to meet with Housing officers. The WTCDP has also made representations to politicians and both City and County Councillors regarding the provision of very poor, sub standard and unhealthy accommodation for some Travellers.