Funding levels pose difficulties for WTCDP.  There was a total of 18% cuts to core funding over two years. This resulted in reductions to staff hours and support costs and other funders are reluctant to cover core costs of this.

A continuing challenge for the project in 2013 was continued uncertainty over the future governance and funding of the LCDP for Travellers in Waterford. After much representation and lobbying to the Dept of Environment, the National Traveller Partnership was informed that it would continue to be the funding body for the 14 Traveller CDP’s for 2013.

However there was a possibility of alignment and the transfer of all LCDP work and workers to the management of Local Authorities. Putting People First report states that the Community Alignment Plan would involve the launch of a national policy on Local and Community Development ahead of the 2014 elections. This leaves the WTCDP still unsure of the future of the programme beyond June 2014.