In 2014, the funding that supports the core work of WTCDP under the LCDP (Local and Community Development Programme) came from the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government (DECLG), and was administered by the National Traveller Partnership Ltd (NTP). Core funding for the two Traveller Health Projects comes from the HSE South East through the Traveller Health Unit (THU).

Core Funding- NTP    

HSE South East THU HSE funds     
City Health Programme
Dungarvan Health Programme
Men’s Health Programme

Additional Funding:
LCDP projects
•    Department of Social and Family Affairs
•    HSE THU,  – TSG Dungarvan
•    SE. South East National Lottery Fund
•    Waterford City Council
•    HSE , (County)
•    St.Vincent  De Paul
•    Waterford Area Partnership

Health projects
•    Waterford Area Partnership, Horse Care
•    THU, Cardio Vascular  (County + Waterford City)

Waterford Traveller CDP thanks all funders, management members, volunteers, staff, tutors, and other contributors for their valued support in 2014.